Hi res audio in April 2015 issue


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Jul 3, 2007
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I have just bought the latest issue and cannot believe that in a so called round up of hi res formats the magazine didn't mention Tidal at all. I swapped from Spotify Premium to Tidal several months ago after buying a Sony Z3 compact which will deal with lossless audio files - OK its a tenner more each month but considering what I used to pay not that long ago for CD's from HMV every month it's a no brainer - for example - they have recently added the whole Led Zeppelin back catalogue in hi res to their catalogue and believe me you can definitely tell the difference from Spotify. I used to cart a Panasonic portable CD player about and there's definitely information on most of the tracks i listen to now on Tidal on the move ( as well as through my Musical Fidelity/Mission system at home) that I didn't hear on portable CD - The mag gave a good review of Tidal's service when it was launched - since then they have hardly mentioned it - in the usual media scrum I wouldn't normally bother to mention it - lets face it I wouldn't buy a Murdoch paper for an objective view on Milliband's qualities for example - However, the fact that each issue of What Hi-FI carries a plug for the magazine via a Spotify platform ( see P75 "Join us on Spotify") leaves me wondering as to the objectivity of the editorial staff. I await their reply with interest.