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Jul 25, 2011
Why don't you do what I do for system study?

Laptop as DAB/cd player/mp3 player, active speakers for the rest. Won't cost a fortune, and sound isn't half bad. I'm getting some Adams - really good for the money.


thanks everybody for the help i think im going to go for the Onkyo, it look good does what i want and a good brand i believe. the record spot and paradiziac you are genuis's about this stuff thanks for the help if i have any questions atleast i know i can get some vital and correct infomation thank you.

the record spot

Onkyo are pretty sound, but there is a bit of a caveat in as much as this hasn't been widely reviewed. So maybe ask the Richer Sounds guys if you can try it out at home first and have the option of returning to base if it doesn't quite float your boat. In terms of connectivity it's ideal, but it'll depend what speakers you pair it up with. Worth being on the safe side.

EDIT: And if it doesn't, maybe see if you can find a pair of Pioneer DS7 active speakers - these are speakers where the amps are housed in the body of each speaker cabinet, plus teh DS7s also come with an onboard DAC. Should be around £250 all in for the pair as they're end of line I think. You might need some adapters as not sure they come with optical inputs, but this isn't an issue and Maplins will sort you out nicely there.


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