Help with vlink & dacmagic with windows xp


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Feb 17, 2008

Hi all I have just got the vlink to use with my dacmagic so I can bypass USB into optical. I have a strange problem! When I boot laptop the 96kps lights up UNTIL I try to play a ripped flax file I only get the 44kps light up also I have a couple of linn he tracks which light up 48kps. I am assuming it is xp dictating this ? I have tried too at jriver media player vlc all with same result. Having said all that the end result is still an improvement not night & day! but there is an increase in volume @ a more airy spacey result from my fav test tracks Gabriel live sold bury hill and San jack to from same has anyone else picked up very noticeable sibilance on this track I had it on vinyl with a pl12d back in the 70s ! Your help would be appreciated.thanks


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Jun 10, 2011
right click the sound icon in bottomright of taskbar next to date/time.

Select playback devices, select the appropriate device and right click and choose properties.

The supported formats tab will list what formats are supported - and in the advanced tab u can set the default bit/sample rate.


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