help plasma not compatable with ps3


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a time omega 42" plasma and ive bought a ps3 ,the menu screen and games are green,the blu ray plays fine,I phoned sony they went thru every display options with me then told me the plasma was not compatable .i tried the ps3 on my mates hd tv and its great.Also the zoom function wont work with the ps3 hooked up ,so every blu ray film has black bars top and bottom.Ive only had the tv a year and im not happy about forking out another grand for another plasma .Time wont even answer my emails and its apound a minute on the phone and the put me on hold! anyone had compatability problems with their ps3 and plasma?any ideas appreciated.


E-Bay the Time and buy a proper Plasma from either Panasonic or Samsung so you don't get totally stung. The obvious is true. You should never have bought the "Time". What were you thinking!

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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I'm afraid I have to agree with Will. You've learned the hard way the false economy of buying a 'bargain' flatscreen - so many of these cheap sets simply don't have the quality or specifications (and obviously not the customer-service support!) of bigger-brand TVs.

PS But you can't blame the plasma for the 'black bars top and bottom' with Blu-ray films - this simply means they're in Cinemascope ratio and you're seeing the film exactly as the director intended.


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