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Aug 10, 2019
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My current system is listed below and I amhaving problems deciding which aspect of my system to upgrade please could you help. My room is only small so can only take small satellite speakers. I was thinking of upgrading the amp to an Onkyo TX-SR875 or should I wait for the new models.

TV - Samsung LE40M86BD

AMP - Onkyo TX-SR605

PS3 - for Bluray

SKY+ (Soon to be SKY HD)

SPEAKERS - Acoustic Energy Aego T 5.1

DVD - Samsung DVD-HD870

My PS3 and DVD are connected to the amp using Chord HDMI 1.3 Silver Plus cables. The reciever is connected to the tv using a 2m Phillips 1.3 spec 1080p HDMI cable. Sky + connected via S-Video and Optical cable.(Would SKY HD via HDMI be a big upgrade on the current setup?)

Any suggestions at all on where to best upgrade my kit would help. As far as budget around £1000. I am thinking of a Logitech Harmony remote and maybe speakers or Amp.

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Jun 30, 2008
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I have a similar set up to you perhaps slightly newer tv and amp but im really happy with it at time of purchase Samsung LeF86t tv onkyo 606 and Quadlite speakers also i have them in a small room 3.8 x 4.5m.With speaker cables and speakers stands rear and fronts total for 5.1 system was £1150 quads in silver a bit more with qed xt and airlocks.With new recievers coming out in the near future Onkyo 875 seems a bargain and thats what i would purchase if i had to start again.Then i would swap my Lcd for a plasma Panasonic pz85.So if i was you i would get the Onkyo amp may be a full hd tv and sky will look better as for speakers if your happy with them dont change them but small style packages like the kef 3005se and b&w mt packages are great.


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Dec 5, 2007
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Is there a particular reason why you want to upgrade? I wouldn't upgrade just for the sake of upgrading unless you're particularly unhappy with an area of your system's performance.