help connecting wii to ONKYO TXSR308!!!


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Aug 10, 2019
hi people, i'm a newbie to the WHAT? forum world as i usually use but they're seldom ever helpful and just rude! Right, just purchased the onkyo av receiver and i'm made up with it! when the richersounds salesman responded to my question, 'i'm hoping i'll notice the sound quality, with 'yeah you will you'll notice it!' i had no idea how much better the sound would be from my old yamaha rx v357 because i thought they're all the same. it's what you put in , input wise that makes the difference.. oh how i was wrong. i've currently got on queen's greatest video hits 2 on and i'm playing it through dts and it sounds amazingly. for starters, the front speakers were always quiet even when i lowered the center and surround speakers. but now, the front speakers are loud and powerful just like they should be! i'm hearing things i've never heard through the front speakers!

but i digress... i have a few questions and i was hoping someone would elaborate for me.

1) i've connected me wii to it via COMPONENT cables, the official ones. the sound is coming out through the speakers but no video! i've read similar forums were people have been using COMPOSITE leads and the picture is not displayed but i've seen this done on me mates sony av receiver. the wii should come through the hdmi to the tv.

2) as i stated earlier, playing my queen through dts, i noticed on the tv through the ps3 that it's DTS 96...this has never been displayed before just DTS. is this any significance? i've always used optical lead before hdmi.

and lastly, any advice/tips you feel would benefit me i would be grateful. thanks! Xc


1) you need to ensure the 308 supports HDMI up-conversion (not to be confused with up- scaling). If it does, you need to ensure this has been activated.

2) DTS 96 is one of the DTS sound formats and allows higher bit rates than standard DTS, up to 96 Kbps.


As above really, but also make sure you have gone into the Wii system menu and selected "HDTV 480P" output under the video settings!


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Dec 28, 2007
The 308 can't upconvert video from analogue sources (i.e. component, composite etc.) to HDMI (see page 17 of the manual) so you need to either:

(a) Run another component cable between the Onkyo and the TV to allow the video to be passed over or

(b) Just connect the component video leads direct to the TV and the audio leads to the Onkyo.


cshaw87:please? someone must have an idea!

Erm, well 3 of us have replied with suggestions! The last even tells you your problem?!


sorry guys i wrote 'please someone must have an idea' before i had 3 or more posts! sorry, i weren't being rude.

yeah i did some research before i had 3 or more posts and yeah you can't upscale analogue inputs through hdmi on this amp. grrrr!

took it back to richersounds today and said you know 'it works fine but i wanted an amp that can upscale.' should have been more observant. i wanted an amp that had 5.1 (don't have 7.1 etc so only need 6 speaker inputs), supported dtshd/DDHD pcmlossless, upscaled and i found this bad boy: has everything i need...... so why have i just come back now with a yamaha rxv467?!! i asked him i want upscaling and i said what would you reccomend to which he said i'd go with the yamaha over the sony! oh well.. i did say to him if there's a problem, can i bring it back and he said that's alright!

this one below is pretty decent and it's the same price as the sony amp but it's limited stock and there's none available in liverpool.

What's the difference between upscaling and up converting?!


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