Help chosing a Humax PVR (FREEVIEW)


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Jun 18, 2007
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I want to upgrade my original Humax 9200 Freeview pvr and was looking at the Fox 2 HD box but I have also found the Humax 9300T which is not HD but claims to upscale to 720p via a HDMI cable, now bearing in mind my tv is only a 37" 720p and this Humax is a lot cheaper than the HD model I was wondering if I would be OK with that, if it upscales similar to what you get from an upscaled dvd then I would be more than happy with that. Has anyone got any of these and can tell me. Thank you.


I have had the Humax 9200 before, loved it,easy to use,always reccommend it to anyone who wants a PVR.

I used to use a Sony PVR/ upscailing dvd player which was fine on dvds, the upscailing feature works well. IMO you only need to worry about 1080p on large TV's (50"+), your 37" 720p, is perfect for the Humax 9300.

I remember looking at the Fox 2 HD box and wasnt impressed with it, you dont need it.

One thing i have seen myself recently is improvements of decent HDMI cables (within reason), and keeping signal and power cabling neat and away from each other,as much as possible.

The 9300 has been out a while, maybe check Humax is not planning on bringing a newer version PVR out soon,and also bear in mind other models available thesedays. But as far as Humax/9300 goes, i really like them as a finished product. I have Virgin media Samsung V+ box at the moment, but when i get rid of it (if virgin dont keep p£$&%£g me off), ill be goin straight out to pick up the 9300 for myself.

LOL, i remember getting the 9200 model when it first came out, from a review in FHM or summat, class market leader then,and still going strong now.

Reggaedave. :beer:


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