Genelec 8040 BPM


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Feb 11, 2021
Due to bad weather and changed plan I had the chance to listen to some studio monitors at MusicMatters Poole this morning. It is on my plans to try some Genelecs as mentioned in another thread. - A superb 'shop' on two very large levels with separate studio's for almost everything including monitors. I have never seen so many guitars and drum kits/mixing desks/Piano's etc in one place - I wished I had taken photos but I forgot ... . - The monitor room has been extensively treated and the system used consisted of an RME ADI-2 DAC/Pre amplifier and monitors connected to a laptop for source and easy A\B switching in a large console style.

I must add that I am not mixing or making music. This is purely from a home audio point of view which could be substantially different and likely doesn't matter to Pro's.

Some things stood out; Many of the monitors looked very industrial and I wouldn't give them the space in a living room environment. Winner\s in that respect were probably some Kali's, larger KRK's and some medium spec Adams (mainly due to front controls). Runner up's are Yamahas and Focals, for different reasons but all rather ugly. This is subjective and imho. You may disagree.

Sound wise I slowly honed in on what I liked and what I could not listen to. I liked most of the Adams, even the cheaper line, TV7's and AX7's. Impressively balanced with the more expensive models clearer and punchier. Yamaha's HS7 did ok too but in direct comparison with the TV7's they seemed a little brighter up top. Still, impressive, both models for the little money they cost.

Unfortunately, they only had one Genelec in the room and it was a small one, not sure about the model. It sounded ok but really would be too small to listen to at any distance above very near field. After about 45 mins in there on our own (partner) one the employees popped their head in asking how we get on. I mentioned the Genelec's and she said they sold a lot of them but just had a shipment in but did not have time to put them out. I asked if they had the 8040 and she said yes, she'll bring a pair in.

Honestly, to me, they were the standouts and much more agreeable than some more expensive PMC's and Focals. A big step up from entry level Adams and Yamaha's too. That was a sound I probably could live with and enjoy. They were box fresh obviously but even so, they sounded superb. Dynamics and fullness of sound were unmatched by the others. Soundstage was very nice. All this at a distance of perhaps 2.5 meters so not really what they were designed for. - I have to assume their settings were in default 0 or middle. I would have probably dialled the bass down a couple of notches, mids by one notch and left the treble as was. Having said that, they would probably sound completely different at home.

I will get a pair as soon as I have shifted a couple of my amplifiers.


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Nov 29, 2010
Never heard any Genelecs, although the 8040s review very well. Another option is Hedd with their Type 07 mk 2. Both will sound detailed but without listener fatigue (I owned the smaller Hedd type 05).
For a more domestic active model, I can vouch for Elac Navis - maybe slightly less detail and a touch more warmth. An amazing speaker which is difficult to switch off once you sit down and listen!
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