First Time Hi-Fi

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Snow_Owl:I don't know why people constantly push out the japanese brands !
I would personally pick the Denon over a Cambridge Audio amp any day.

Same here - The Cambridge, although very good, does not provide a sound which is nice to listen to - I find it quite dry and off-putting. I find if you are buying a CA amp - you might aswell buy some Yamaha Studio Monitors to go with it - Hi-Fi certainly, but not something that is particularly pleasing to the ear IMHO.


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Nov 23, 2007
There is a HUGE difference between the cheaper Cambridge amps (340, 540, 640) and the better ones (740, 840). I've had both 540 and 640 and didn't get on with them at all but I love my 740a and think its very hard to beat at or near its price point, having tried amps from many many different manufacturers. At the lower price points I would generally recommend NAD and Rotel rather than the Cambridge amps. I'm not personally a fan of the Marantz sound (though many many people are).

As for the other Jap brands I have absolutely nothing against them. For a long time my favourite amps were classic Sansui ones and I've also loved some Pioneer and JVC ones (I think the A-X400 is brilliantly musical and infectious). However, I think the current Denon amps are decent but off-the-pace compared to those from NAD and Rotel.


No-one here has suggested an all-in-one system
. Stay away from them tobys - they might be simple but they are evil

You will do better mixing and matching like everyone here has suggested - you will get a better system and have more fun (and probably learn more!)


I think the A-X400 is brilliantly musical and infectious.

YOU HAVE A JVC A-X400? NO WAY! I HAVE ONE TOO! It's an awsome amp, hey! I didn't know anyone liked them on here - but I was wrong! Have you got a picture of yours? And has your headphone socket flap broken like everyone elses?! How much did you pay for it?