Fiio X7 - Tidal Offline - £300 Budget


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Aug 12, 2014
I have been the happy owner of a Fiio X7 for a while now AM2 module, sounds (IMO) fantastic but as is well documented the UI is clunky and the battery life is getting a little restrictive!

I have not had the good fortune of listening to an array of other DAP's and am interested to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge here - so my question is:

With a budget of up to £300 - new/second hand market - can I buy something with comparable/better sound quality that will prove easier to use on a daily basis? I predominantly stream now from Tidal for convenience, downloading from Tidal too.

I look forward to your thoughts and thankyou in advance!
Whilst most DAPs are designed to play from files held on their own memory cards there are those that are network compatible as is yours. You don't specify exactly why the UI is clunky but any player is going to suffer battery drain using it the way you are.
I have had numerous Fiio's but currently have an Onkyo DP-X1 which is brilliant. Have a look around as I don't know they current second-hand price but if you can find one I would recommend looking into it.


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