Excellent Bands / Groups you have just discovered

True Blue

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Oct 18, 2008
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Music is fantastic isnt it. Just listening to Napster with Alison Krauss and clicked on play similar artist automix and stumbled upon Within temptation - The Unforgiving.

Fantastic album, now on its way to my door.

What new (even if the band /group has been around for ages) have you just discovered.


Really too many to mention, and good post by the way .We need more of these threads.

I am a Spotify Premium subscriber, so Spotify has brought

Dave Kelly

Davey Graham , great blues

Ghinzu : Belgium band with hints of Radio Head and Muse, but dirtier much much dirtier.

Metric : Electronic popsters with great melody, lyrics and paanache.

Kroke : Nigel Kennedy meets polish focksters.

Finally a band that have been around for quite a while but I have only really been into for a couple of years,

Archive : Guitar lead shoe gaze with great ambience, really hard to describe. Anyway Controlling crowds Part 4 is my favorite. Try the track " Come on get High"

That is all


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