Do my eyes deceive me? Or.......


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Nov 23, 2007
Your eyes don't deceive you. The lower end of the Thorens range is more or less a rebadging exercise. You see, Dual never actually stopped making turntables. They just stopped distributing in the UK and let their name out for use by Schneider for those Asda special electricals. Dual still make the CS-505 and last year re-introduced it ino the UK. There was actually an article and review of it in Hi-Fi World though, at over £400 and trying to compete with the excellent Pro-ject and Rega decks of today, its no wonder its remained low profile,

Dual and Thorens are part of the same company now and share a factory. The budget end of Thorens' range is nothing special, but higher up they make some superb decks again including a TD160 HD which is a beautiful bit of engineering.


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