Do I need a proper pre-amp with only one source?


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Aug 9, 2007
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I am thinking of going down the route of separate pre/power amps. Thinking of matching the tube based Audio Research SP16L with a solid state power amp. However, I only have one source (CD player) and I expect that will be so for some time to come, so I was wondering if there is a simpler (and cheaper) solution. For example, could I connect the CDP directly to the power amp? Or rather than spend lots of money on a full function pre-amp (but only use one of the inputs), is there some simple box that has just one set of inputs and a volume control?


If your CD player has a volume control that stays where you left it and goes all the way down to zero there's no reason why you can't just connect direct. My CD player only goes down half way and reverts to full when you switch it off/on - so it would be a bad idea for me!

You can get passive pre-amps from people like QED that put a volume control in the signal - no direct experience of them myself but I've a friend who uses one and is perfectly happy. About 50 quid I think - a lot for a potentionmeter but there you go!


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