Dissappointed by this years show

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Aug 28, 2007
clearer_audio:PJPro:Went to a Clearer Audio demo. A fancy rig with freebie power cable and interconnect was played. The power cable and interconnect were exchanged for their products and replayed. OK, there was a difference......but I suspect it was more about the interconnect than the power cable. Had to laugh when their bottom of the range kettle lead was being described. Apparently they use torque wrenches when tightening up the connectors on the plug. All made by hand too! The guy doing the demo again apologised for the noise pollution from the rest of the show.....and this stand was the furthest away from the worst offenders.

Hi PJPro,

Thanks for coming to see us. There was a lot of interest in our demo and we also did power cable and interconnects in isolation for people who were interested. If you see us again at a show then we will gladly do a simple power cable demo for you.

I will be feeding back comments to the show organisers about various issues including how we can improve conditions for demonstrations.

Kind regards,


That's what I love about this forum. A fair comment and a reply from a/the top man. It's a good example of how a magazine's online presence enhances it's appeal.


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Apr 21, 2008
May i say id like to agree with the most of the comments about this years show at Excel,i did how ever feel that the Guys on the Yamaha Stand,had the best demo and where the most helpful and friendly of all,i wont't be going to Excel again,but i will be returning to The Bristol Show Next Year as that to me was far better of a show,hope Yamaha will be there too next year.



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