Differences You'd Notice In Higher Quality Amp?

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There's also the ... "some people" like Michelin Star restuarants and would say they're great .... personally I'd give them a very wide birth, I'm really not into fussy places serving minimalist portions with pretentious names ... but I love somewhere that serves a really decent filet steak or maybe even crab / lobster.

Joy of the internet and with the help of some "nice people" you can at least start doing so research to find out which of the restuarants may be worth a visit and which are a waste of money :D

There's a place in Arundel to which you should take Mrs Witterings. Small portions, chef from London (Claridges, worked for Raymond Blanc, Canadian TV), somewhat expensive.... so you may have given it a wide berth. However, the people are enthusiastic, the food excellent and usually locally caught seafood features prominently. The Parson's Table.

Sometimes 'more money' does result in 'better stuff'.
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Sound quality is obvious. The things mentioned by nopiano are true. It is the timbre and character in ones voice that is in the recording. With a less quality amp the voice of "for example" Leonard Cohen sounds smoother and with a good one (but also a good set of speakers) it is as raw as it gets. A hit of a stick on a drums, rather than only the output of the drums. Weight in a piano. It is not a "other world" of difference, but certainly worth the experience.

I would like to add versatality to it. I am not really into absolutely spartanic stuff (been there..) but I also don't like too many trend depending bells and whistles.

I like amps that have "things right" in options and inputs and outputs.

When I was testing a 70s Pioneer amp in the living the Yamaha Wxa50 could play the secondary role as pre-Amp from its aux out, saving out time in rewiring things,still be able to control the sub apart. It's these small practical things.
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If you mean FM radio you could look at the Cambridge AXR100. It has 30 radio presets and at 100 watts per channel would be quite a step up from your Denon....

This reviewer preferred it to the highly regarded Yamaha AS801!

The AXR100D adds DAB radio.
View: https://youtu.be/xugAsD27OSM

Aplogies for late response ... been away for a few days.

That looks really interesting, will do some research because it also ticks the box of ideally having more power so cheers for that a good suggestion!

Wonder how it stacks up against the powernode for sound.
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