Did I make a mistake?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hey been looking for a subwoofer under 150.00 for the bedroom.

Was going to buy the Wharfedale SW150 but won a brand new in box Tannoy HTS 101 Subwoofer sort of by mistake, it was a buy it now or best offer, and they wanted like 300.00 for it, so thought as a sort of laugh will put 140.00, and I won,

Yes it had a smaller driver, but the Hz apantly goes to 29hz and the wharfedale only goes to like 35.

Anyway, was 140.00 a good deal, its in gloss black.

The Tannoy HTS subwoofer is available for £199 brand new:


In fact, the HTS 101 5.1 system is available for £349:


It was unreasonable for the seller to expect £300 for just the subwoofer.

Still, £140 for a brand new subwoofer is not a bad deal. Was it a private seller or a business seller? Are you getting manufacturer's warranty?


Hey Bigboss.

Yes it was a business seller and he has offered a 12 month warranty, but never heard of his company, but he does have 3000+ feedback at 100%

Bit gutted as thinking about it, the wharfedale is a bigger sub with better amp, but it only does like 35hz, is the HTS better as it goes lower to 29hz

I know tannoy make some good stuff, just never owned any of their stuff, was thinking of buying the seller out of the contract with the ebay fees, but then again, some seem to rate the sub, even though its only 8". but it is only for a bedroom after all.
To be honest, 29Hz & 35Hz doesn't make a load of difference. Only a demo can tell you which one is better. Given that it's only for the bedroom, I doubt you will notice much of a difference between them.

You should be covered by Distance Selling Regulations, even if you buy it from eBay. If you don't like it, return it to the seller within 7 days for a refund.


Thanks bigboss.

Its gloss black as well, so it will look nice.

I was just offered a Mj Acoustics 100 MK 1 for 170.00 but that was second hand no warranty, and old spec.

Also dont trust MJ for their rated HZ dont think they go as low as they state.

Will buy and post back, cant be all that bad for a 5 star review. And tannoy seem to make more higher end stuff than wharfedale, so I am sure they know how to build a subwoofer with their £25,000+ speakers


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