Denon 6700 amp


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Sep 2, 2020
Hi all

Currentl have the denon 4300 and thinking of getting the 6700, reason for this is that I want to upgrade my current LS50 wiresless 2 stereo set up in the living room and get some floor standing speakers and use for both movies and music.

Ill be moving the LS50's to another room.

I currently use the 4300 with ceiling speakers which are pretty standard ones (emphasis i think) but will be looking to change the front set up to probably something like MA silver series and add the 6700 amp. The ceiling ones will then be moved for atmos (5.1.4)

Am i going to drop perfromance from the ls50s for stereo listening? ive also got a silver sub which I keep plugging in and out of the 4300 into the ls50's but its a bit of a faff and want to just have a more seamless set up.

Further down the line I may get a stero amp again and use for the front two still into the Denon 6700 but concerned that the centre then wont be balanced with the front LR due to the centre still being driven by the 6700.

Any advice/ideas?


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