Denon 4308 sound quality


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have finally managed to purchase my dream amp a 4308.

I have before run Pioneers and the sound has been ok not brill, but the new Denon sounds flat, explosions are at the normal play level and so far is disapointing and does not engage you in the movie at all, there are some parts of the menu that i can not find at all and i have searched high and low.

Can you help me to get this amp performing as it should .


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Sep 6, 2007
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First of all, more info needed. What speakers do you have? It's a great av receiver so even with modest speakers you should be getting better than you describe.

To start - regardless of size, try setting all speakers to "small" and have the crossover frequency set to 80. This should bring your sub into play.


Speakers are monitor audio, sound amazing on my brother Harman.

Settings are all on small and 80 hz on sub, the sound is ok but nothing exciting, every thing plays at one level, some thing that is not right, there must be a sub menu for setting out put levels but i can not find it, several people with Av have tried to find but to no avail.

It is not dramatic does not engage you what so ever, just a single volume out put all the time, get an explosion no rise in volume just the same, the old pioneer you could blow the roof of the house with the BK sub.


Sorry for the late reply, broadband connection rural is beyond a joke.

Speakers are set as you mention, the monitor audios are getting on in age but still very good, will check model if that helps, the sub is a BK xls400, have tried the amp with Ruark speakers as well.

The items in the menu that i can not find are things like dynamic control ( DRC) and dynamic compressision, which i think will make a difference to the sound its almost like running on midnight mode but that is off.

Thanks for the replies


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