Question Dali Oberon 5 + Amp but which one???


Nov 15, 2020

I'm really overwhelmed by the options (budget up to 2k) - I would like to keep an option to stream MQA without adding a separate music streamer so I narrowed my options to Arcam SA30 and Naim Uniti Atom (shame LYNGDORF 1120 doesn't support MQA). I love instrumental music, and mainly listen to jazz, bossa nova and salsa, and do listen to the music during the night as well so I would like an amp which is capable to perform at the lower volume as well so I was wondering what would you recommend, and whether I sacrifice a lot by not going with a separate streamer and amp.
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With your musical tastes in mind my money would be on the Arcam, to my ears they pair well with Dali speakers
The ability to perform well at low volumes has more to do with the speakers themselves rather than the amplifier, in my experience.
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