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Nov 8, 2007
Quick update - I went to my local hi fi dealer to audition some speakers:

- PMC GB1i - great mid and treble but didnt hit the low notes I crave
- Roksan TR5 - great mid and treble - open / wide / high sound - huge improvement on to low end
- KEF R300 - a combination of the two above - I was impressed

The source was a Sonos - the dealer could see I wasnt blown away, it wasnt a step change to the speakers I have now so he added a DAC. The Musical Fidelity (forgot the name but its around £300) - the sound improved there appeared to be space around the instruments .... then he plugged in the Audiolab M-DAC ..... WOW! I urge you to go and audition one if you are after a DAC .... I ended up buying one.

I'm still working out which speaker to get ....


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Jan 20, 2012

I would wholeheartedly endorse what Alma... has suggested. The AVI ADM9Ts are a phenominal pair of speakers with DAC and AMP built in and with remote control. They integrate beautifully with their own and other subs.

I purchased a pair recently and just cannot stop using them. Music I hadn't bothered with for years has had a whole new lease of life. I have re-engaged with my love of music and they are THE best thing I have ever purchased so far as hifi/av is concerned.

Be brave and get your plastic out.



Damn I see you have already got a DAC. Take it back for a refund and get the ADM 9Ts.



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