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Jan 4, 2011
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I'm looking to get an AV amp but the one I'm looking at (Pioneer) doesn't have an option of DAB.

I don't know if Internet radio will cover most of the channels I'm interested in (classic FM, radio 3/4 and local radio) and what the quality will be like. If a station (such as classic FM) provides an option of listening through a web browser, does that automatically mean that Internet radio is supported and as such, the pioneer would. E able to pick it up? Or would I need to buy some kind of DAB device that I'd plug into the amp using HDMI and if so, could anyone give an idea as to recommendations?



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Nov 12, 2008
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All the stations you mention work with internet radio for me on my PC, my iPad and Sonos. So presumably they will work on any AV amp that allows internet radio.

Quality on the internet is generally better, often very much better, than DAB. My TuneIn Radio app on the iPad gets Radio 3 at AAC 320 bits/sec.

I also have FreeSat connected to my amp, and the quality of the radio stations (including ClassicFM and all the BBC programs) at much better quality than DAB.

I suggest that for home listening you forget DAB.

PS there are lots of high quality classical station from around the world available over the internet. Eg the AVRO stations.



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