Cyrus StreamX and DACXP+ OR streamXP for internet radio?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Thinking of buying a streamer from Cyrus.

Wondering if DACXP+ will make a difference when listening to internet radio (streamX + DACXP+) or if I should rather go for stream XP and xpower.



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Jan 14, 2009
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I had a slightly different Cyrus set up based on XT-SE and DAC-X and ended up selling them both as I couldn't hear any difference between them (at ~£2000) and a Squeeezbox Touch (<£200).

I'm a big fan of the Touch (if you hadn't guessed) : it's unobtrusive, easy to use, has lots of functionality, supports most formats and most importantly sounds great.

It might be worth adding a Squeezebox Touch to your list and then make sure that anything you buy is worth the extra over and above the Touch.


Thanks for the replies,

I will be using mostly internet radio as the amount of songs is so big, and I also have a small library of music. It's easy.

BUt maybe I should look into downloading some good quality stuff. It might worth the effort, as the quality will be much better.

I am new to internet radio. I have just started plugging my computer into my Cyrus straight line. The sound is not great as I am using the headphone output. I would like to improve this, which is not going to be hard!

I quite like these internet radios as, as I said before, there is a limitless variety of songs. I am quite content with this for now.

I will also use the NAS of course.

Thanks guys for your comments.

See you.


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