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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guys,

as I am sure most of you are aware I am currently in the market for purchasing a dedicated Stereo amp and CD player. Various ideas have been provided by the members here regarding potential combinations at the mainly around the 750.00 to £1000 price bracket.

However having recently been into my local hi-fi store I have been looking at the option of potentially buying second hand gear and have seen what I believe are some very good options for this, which to but them new would have been out of my original price bracket. These include the following:

Cyrus 7 Amp for £299.00 (£650.00 New??)

Cyrus CD6s CDP for £399.00 (£399.00 New??)

Cyrus 8 Amp for £399.00 (£850.00 new?? )

Cyrus 8 CDP for £429.00 (£1000 new?? and upgradeable to the Servo Edition later)

They also have a MF A3.5 CD for £500.00 and an MF A5 amp for £999.000 (Although this would blow my budget wide open and would probably end up divorced).

Would the Cyrus option be a good way to go and am I likely to end up with a far superior system (especially in the Cyrus 8 option) for a similar or lower amount of money. This would also mean I would have more money to invest in better speaker and interconnects and also on a turntable.

Obviously this kit would still be played through my Castle Pembroke floorstanders.

Let me know what you think about the Cyrus Kit guys compared to things like Audiolab, Creek and Roksan which were all original new options.



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Sep 6, 2007
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All very nice equipment mentioned above. In my opinion i'd stump for the Cyrus 8 amp and the Cyrus CD6. I've auditioned the Cyrus 8 amp and 8 CD player to be honest, i couldnt tell any difference between the Cyrus CD6 and the Cyrus CD8.

I sourced and bought the Cyrus 8 amp and Cyrus 8CD for my girlfirends folks along with B&W CM7 speakers, only reason being is that the shop offered the CD8 for the same price as the CD6 as they had decided that they no longer wanted to keep on selling Cyrus gear as they were making more money elsewhere.

The prices you've found seem to be very good. Gives you more lee-way as you said for better cabling or turntable.


Any other comments at all on the Cyrus Kit. How does this compare to say Audiolab / Creek or Roksan as recommended new?


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Nov 5, 2007
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Great choice of kit with plenty of room for up-grade's they wont dissapoint. I have been a fan of Cyrus amp's for many years, althouhg i would look at another CD, plenty of other's in the market if you go the ex-demo route that provide more detail, i.e. Primare

good luck


Hello Hanrahans,

Would the MF A3.5 CD and Cyrus 8 amp be worth a listen to?

I am going into my local hifi dealer to try the following combinations -

Cyrus 8 amp + Cyrus CD6s + Castle Pembroke speakers

Naim Nait 5i Amp + MF A3.5 CD Player + Castle Pembroke Speakers

MF A5 Amp + MF A3.5 CD Player + Castle Pembroke Speakers

Rega Brio 3 Amp and Rega Apollo CD + Castle Pembroke Speakers

Someone has also suggested MF X series as a compromise to the more expensive A series.....but would probably cost the same as the ex demo amp and cd I have seen


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