Cursed bedroom or really, really bad luck


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Jun 18, 2007
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:help: I have very slight tinnitus so I like to have a desent micro dab/cd unit in the bedroom because listening to music or drama helps me sleep but in the past 4 years I have had nothing but bad luck with these, 1st I had a Yamaha dab/cd that failed after 3 months with a faulty power unit and was exchanged for a Marantz dab/cd which was fine for 6 months after which it started to skip cd tracks, it went for repair several times before I gave up with it and scapped it, next I brought a Denon M38 which lasted a year before the unit failed and I could not get any sound from it, that went for repair but came back with the same fault so I again scrapped it and found another Yamaha dab/cd which I have had just over a year and the cd laser has now failed on that, the repair shop says its cheaper to buy a new unit as they also think the motor is going on it, so in 4 years I have had 4 so called desent units all of which have failed, they don't get used that much in the bedroom, I keep them as dust free as possible and I have never had any other problems with my main hifi which is years old and like new, I am now going to try a Teac and just hope for the best


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Sep 29, 2011
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Just wondering if it an option for you to be able to "rip" i.e. copy CDs onto a computer, then put those copied files on to a device such as an iPod Touch. You can dock the iPod onto a device such as the Vita R2i which is a classy and very good quality DAB radio and iPod dock with inbuilt speakers. The advantage of this approach is no moving parts, and no need to get up and keep switching CDs. The disadvantage is that you (or someone else) has to be a little computer literate to make the copies of your CD collection in the first place.


Definitely bad luck.

I have a Denon M30 in the kitchen and it's given me years of great service. It's quite close the the hob so it gets caked in oil quite often too.


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