Crazy expensive accessory's without warranty it wil work better than something cheaper !

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Feb 11, 2021
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I just hope, as others suspect, that they've actually sold none of some of the most ridiculously priced (and clearly ludicrous) products.

(Anyone that has bought though....can you imagine them not 'hearing' some improvement? would be "money well spent", rather than good money wasted).

In your humble opinion of course :)
Personally I think the companies hawking bs products like these need investigating by the likes of trading standards and the ASA for the scams they are
That’s crossed my mind, and there are a few well-publicised ASA cases, but when I think about what they actually write you’ll see most adverts are surprisingly silent on what they actually do.

What I need to understand is can manufacturers write any old ballcocks on their website as long as they say only something vague in publications? Chord cables say something like ‘chosen by music lovers’ which isn’t in dispute!


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Sure but what's it to you (or others here) on what punters spend their money on?
I agree it's up to them how they spend their money and, if they didn’t buy the snake oil, the manufacturers would be dead in the water. It however, can not be right that those manufacturers get away with selling products, that patently don’t do what is claimed , at ludicrously inflated prices.


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'Ere we go again.

Bored audiophile feels need to save human kind.

Neither bored or an audiophile or feel the need to save human kind for that matter.

I would just like scammers to be held to account.

As an aside, It seems to me, you have issues with anyone offering a opinion that doesn't fit your own narrow minded view...
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Foo, Foo, i just want Foo...
Oh give me cable and the filter you do !
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Nov 30, 2022
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Luxury tax should be the answer. But then again, how do you decide the thresholds? And is the Hi-Fi market that significant anyway, both in financial terms and in the number of people it "affects"? This niche will always be open for abuse, it seems ...


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Dec 28, 2019
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Let people buy what they want to buy. After all its their own money. No one is forcing them to buy it. Its not like they are making a choice between some stupidly expensive cables and food for their family (I expect some may but they probably need some more specialist help than that afforded on a hifi forum).
If people are that easily lead by hype (see 'influencers') then it's their own responsibility for being gullible. Some people like bling and they can afford bling like Richard Mille or Breitling watches. They tell the same time as a Casio but look a whole lot nicer. It's all about what floats your boat and makes you happy.
Peace and Love to all hifi-aholics


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