Converting digital library into physical library

Jan 6, 2015
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My generation has bounded me to the age of digital which of course, I appreciate, the convenience and potential higher quality of for example, storing movies on an external hard drive.

However, a part of me has a collection obsession. Hence why, last year I began collecting Vinyl for 2 reasons. The satisfaction of physically holding and seeing a collection and of course the superior sound quality of true analouge.

That's my music sorted. As for my movies, I have only ever bought <10 DVDs. The rest have been through Itunes and other digital download services, leaving me with about 250 movies on my various electronic devices.

Not only do I wish to amalgamate these into a centralised collection but to also have a 'vinyl-esq' method of physcially stoing and categorising them. I want a shelf to be populated, I wish to appease my obsession of alphabetical order, like my LPs, books and printed photos are, movies/ TV shows are the final form of media that I must 'physicalise'.

So the obvious choice is clearly DVD, with some plastic cases off of Ebay. I don't really need them to be 'properly' burnt as my media centre will always be Windows based. But are there any other choices of a physical, ordered and aesthetic method of converting a digital movie and TV show collection, into a physical collection.

Oh and also cheap.



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Sep 3, 2010
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just do a search for converting video files ( whatever format they are in ) to dvd, I'm guessing that your pc has a re-writeable drive installed, if so then all you need is some suitable software and a load of blank dvd's.

The blank dvd's shouldnt cost much and if your lucky the software may cost you nothing.



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