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Connecting problems With Ipod Touch & BT Home Hub Router


New member
Aug 10, 2019
Afternoon Guys as per above Subject have trying to connect my sons new ipod touch to the wireess bt hme hub we have in the house ove the weend but not having any luck so far to be honest ?

Have went into ipods settings to enable wireless connections were is shows the routers name but when you select this to try an enter the pasword code or ssid No for the router i get now response ? tbh the connection speed isnt that fast but did not think it would be this slow either?

Just wondered if anyone has a similar problem with this ? iam not sure wether its do do with the connection so i have tried powering on and off from the mains but ths make no differance ?

would be worth replacing the router for a new/bette model ?

Thanks regards Colin


New member
Nov 5, 2003
Two things strike me with this that you may not have done.

One, assuming you have a home hub for your BT Broadband, this needs to be in pairing mode to allow new equipment to join the network, this happens when your restart the home hub, and lasts for approx 5-10 mins from start up.

Secondly, you will need the WEP code to connect when in pairing mode, BUT this is case sensitive, and one thing to be aware of with a Touch is that although the first character is entered as a cap automatically, all subsequent one are lower case, unless you hit the caps key first.

If you are unsure where your WEP key is, unless you have changed it you should find it printed on the base of your home hub.

Hope this helps


Many thanks for the response the number i was trying to inpu was the ssid No which was found at the back of the hub based on what you are saying i think the ssid & wep numbers are possibly diffrent then ?

Will check this later

Once agin thanks for your Help Regards Colin


New member
Oct 5, 2007
SSID stands for Service-Set Identifier. Basically SSID is the name of the network you will be connecting to (BTHOMEHUB....)

The WEP key is the security password you need to connect to the SSID network. Although with the HomeHub I think the default security is WPA, the security key is on the back of the hub under 'network key'

Good luck.



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