Connecting 2 multi-channel players into the same AV Amp


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi Andrew, quick question for you!

I'm on the hunt for a massively better DVD player than I currently own (either a Marantz 9600 or a Denon 3930) and I'm guessing that their internal decoders are better than those in my Denon AVC A10SE. Therefore I'm planning to connect it via a fistfull of analogue cables to get the best sound possible.

If in the future I buy an HD player, my amp will only be able to play it's sound through multichannel analogue connectors and this leaves me wondering whether I'll be stuck or not!

Now, the Denon has 2 sets of multichannel inputs on it's very pert posterior! One is a 6 channel input for dolby 5.1 and the other is an 8 channel input for 7.1

If I use the 5.1 input will my amp still be able to matrix them into DTS ES or DD EX if I'm ever able to add the 2 channel power amp and pop a pair of speakers at the rear?

If I use the 7.1 input and only provide it with 5.1 inputs will the same be possible? Or by then will the HD players decode into 7.1 discreet channels?

Lastly, with both sets connected, they are switchable aren't they, as in not intended for use as an either/or just one input, but 2 seperate inputs?

Massive apologies in advance, couldn't have asked a nastier set of questions. Sorry!


No DJKrime, it's a 2001 vintage!

3 coaxial, 5 optical (though never using them again!)

6channel in

8channel in and a set of pre-outs.

Can handle 7.1 with an additional 2 channel power amp which I'm trying to acquire. The sound quality from the internal amps is good, good enough that I'd be temped to never replace it if I can get it into a 7.1 configuration with the additional power amp and plug in 2 multichannel devices via analogue if a top spec DVD player would do a better job of playing music than the amp is able to decode internally. Hence asking Andrew his thoughts!


If you feed in 5.1 to the direct inputs, you wont get anything sent on to your additional power amp, so you will need to use the digital connection from the player to the amp.

The decoders on the Denon amp are very good, so it is likely that you will see either a tiny improvement doing the decoding in the Denon, or maybe no difference at all, depends on how bat-like your hearing is.


That's very useful to know!

I'll stick with my coaxial cable for now then! I just need to find the power amp and a new or second hand DVD player!


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