Compact surround sound system options.....


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Nov 12, 2014
After nearly twenty years of sterling service my Sony HTK215 Surround sound system needs retiring.
I have tried a second hand amp and used parts from a second hand subwoofer to try and scrape a few more years of service but, i think its time to move on.
So as in the attached pic (not mine) the amp is very compact and fits nicely into my AV "cupboard" obviousley the sub is elswehere in the room.
Having looked around at new systems, I cant seem to find one to replace it in terms of its size, I live in a 70's semi detahced property with thin walls so cant really justify a big and expensive AV installation (as much as id love to). So over to you expert types, are there any compact surround sound systems out there of a similar size that would suit my particular situation, as they say "size matters" and a budget of around £250 . It doesnt have to be feature packed or have the latest sound reproduction formats. Thanks for any advice.



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May 19, 2021
Hi. 20 years service is pretty amazing in this world of fast changing technology! I have to confess I’m struggling to recommend a system for £250. Most here would spend more than that just on an entry level AV receiver.
As you want a compact solution and not too fussed about the latest sound formats, have you considered a decent soundbar?
A friend of mine bought a basic Yamaha soundbar a couple of years ago and is very happy with the experience. There are many more models available now. Just a thought….


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