Combining Monitor Audio Silver RX6 with Apex series


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Dec 6, 2013
I'm setting up a new 5.1 set for our living room. We will use it mostly for movies but I also want music to sound really nice, whether it being radio, mp3 or cd.

I had my mind set on the MA Silver RX6 AV12 set. Our sofa is against the wall, hence my choice for the RXFX, hoping the bipole selection would give me a better surround sound.

My girlfriend is not happy at all though with the size of the center and surround speakers. Our living room is not that big so she finds them too present. It's 3,5m wide with the sofa on one wall, the tv opposite to it. It's about 8m long with a window on one end, where also the seating area is, and an open kitchen on the other end. In the middle of the room (ish) is the the dining table.

Yesterday we listened to the RX6 and I can get them for around EUR 700. A very good price I would say. I have not auditioned the Silver center and surrounds because they were not available.

To solve the problem of how big the center/surrounds are/look, I came up with perhaps combining the Silver and Apex series.

2x Silver RX6 front

1x Apex A40 center

2x Apex A10 for surround

No subwoofer for the moment (I felt quite happy already with the bass of the RX6) but maybe I'll save for a sub to add it eventually, either from MA or another brand.

I know the stories that 5 identical speakers are the best and it's better not to mix things. However both series seem to use the same technologies and are from the same brand.

Is there anybody with a similar setup or who could give me some advice on this? I'm also open to suggestions for other speakers/brands, I just don't know where to look anymore. I've listened to bookshelf speakers before but just find the sound of floorstanders a lot nicer, fuller.

It will all be run on my Onkyo TX-NR709.

I live in Czech Republic and unfortunately it is not really easy to find a place where to listen to speakers. Some HiFi shops have the RX6, but none of them has got centers and surrounds available to listen to :-((


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