Cheap USB/TOSLink Streamer Recommendations for Wifi TidalConnect Lossless Play


Jun 23, 2020
I am using a Moon Neo Ace since the past year. I mostly stream lossless music from Tidal, and find using the Moon app very cumbersome to navigate the artists, songs, and playlists.

Do you have any recommendations on USB/Optical output streamers that I can use with Neo Ace to stream Tidal lossless music over wifi from my phone, using TidalConnect?

The Neo Ace comes with a lot of connectors: Digital inputs includes USB Type B (hi-res audio), SPDIF (2),Optical (2).

I am hoping to use the USB or optical input and directly play music over wifi from my phone/tablet to the Neo Ace.

I am looking for not too expensive options. Appreciate your advice.


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May 24, 2009
Really cheap but a bit of work:
DIY Raspberry Pi. It looks like you can get Tidal running but it requires a bit of research.

Also a second hand Google Chromecast Audio would work (they no longer make them so I don’t think you’d be able to find a new one)

Curveball suggestion but it might work:
Pick up a second hand Sonos Connect from eBay. Sonos stopped supporting them for future upgrades but you can still use the Sonos S1 app. A lot of the disadvantages relate to not being able to do multi-room with other Sonos products which wouldn’t be a problem for your requirement.

Off the shelf:
There are quite a few Hi-Fi streamers on the market, something like the Yamaha WXC50 is well rated but might be overkill (price/features) for what you want.


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Apr 24, 2020
Unless I'm misunderstanding something, you want another streamer with a digital output to stream to your existing streamer (presumably to take advantage of what I presume is a high quality DAC in the Moon)?
What about a second hand Mac Mini running headless with Audiovarna, streaming Tidal and controlled by your phone? This will be taking Tidal direct from your broadband router, same as I presume the Moon is doing - and you can also use it as a music server if you don't have a NAS drive.


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