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  1. Entrigo

    Network streaming devices

    Advice on network/WiFi streaming needed. Currently using a cheap and cheerful Google Chromecast (connected to Aux 1 of my recently acquired Marantz 7200) to access Spotify and occasionally web radio and a direct cable connection from my phone to access Apple Play - as Apple doesn’t work with...
  2. D

    Question Fyne 501 + Cambridge Evo 150 or keep my Kef LS50Ws?

    Hi All, Issue: I have had the Kef LS50Ws mk1 for the last 2yrs and love them. I have them paired to Kef's 10b subwoofer which is a great pairing to support the LS50Ws with lower ranges. Where I live it is very difficult to find audio enthusiasts and even harder to find decent stores but just...
  3. Shillocks

    Hegel or Cambridge audio

    Hi all I'm after some opinions from more experienced ears. I have been looking to upgrade my current entry level setup. I'm quite keen on getting a streamer/amp and have done a fair bit of research. I have been looking at the Hegel H95 and wondered which would be the better option compared to...
  4. F

    Cheap USB/TOSLink Streamer Recommendations for Wifi TidalConnect Lossless Play

    I am using a Moon Neo Ace since the past year. I mostly stream lossless music from Tidal, and find using the Moon app very cumbersome to navigate the artists, songs, and playlists. Do you have any recommendations on USB/Optical output streamers that I can use with Neo Ace to stream Tidal...
  5. B

    Nad C 658 - loud hum when played via cyrus amp and Revel speakers

    Hi all, first time posting so apologies if this is in the wrong place, I'll try to be as detailed as possible. I have a Cyrus 6XP amp paired with some Revel Concerta 2 speakers. The inputs are a Cyrus CD player and Rega P3 turntable. The speakers and turntable are relatively new and I've been...