Cheap AV receive


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Aug 10, 2019
Ok. I have a dilema. My systems consist of...

1. Upstairs...Decent mid range hifi system fronted by squeezebox->DAC

2. Upstairs...37" Philips TV with an old Yamaha E800 driving centre and surrounds and my hifi the front.

3. Computer system. A pair of old MS902 speakers, Beresford 7520 DAC and for the moment an (ailing) t-amp (which is surprisingly great...but on its way out.

4. Downstairs 40" Sony, Arcam amp and MS902S speakers, squeezebox

I will soon need a new amp upstairs (PC system). With the quality of the current T-amp I had thought about replacing it with the Temple Audio Bantam gold at £180, but I wonder if I am better served to kill 2 birds with one stone and get an AV receiver, and use the Arcam upstairs in my PC system.

Essentially I am looking at an AV receiver for no more than £300 that will sound ok with music and give me the ability to add a centre speaker and sub downstairs. I won't be adding surrounds, as to be honest they annoy me unless I'm watching a film.

My first thoughts were the Yamaha RX-V367 or 467... Any ideas?


I live in Sweden, but yep, just found the 667 for the equivalent of £290. The worrying thing is the 567 is more expensive.


Sep 25, 2008
+2 for the 667. Price vs. Performance - it's a steal at £300 (or equivalent) + it has a great range of features, even including a phono pre-amp


Okay, the 667 is ordered. £284 equivalent, collect at store so no postage.

edit... an interesting side note, is that the Arcam (an old A80) is now powering my PC system very nicely thank you :)


Now installed.

It's being rather under-utilised at the moment (as it replaced a stereo amp), but I've managed to get it all working, and on 1st impressions it sounds great. I just need to think about sticking in my old MS 905C and MJPro50 sub.

It all seems a little overkill for 3.1 but the connections have meant I now have improved sound for the PS3, and sat-TV and can use my od Beresford 7510 elsewhere as the downstairs squeezebox was using that and is now using the AV amps coax in.

All in all a great buy, and the old Arcam A80 is singing a treat upstairs on my PC system :)


The only flaw so far... My amp had speaker on/off switches... (sometimes my better half likes to bolster the sound on certain series (she is swedish and doesn't get all the dialogue) with headphones), and unfortunately there i s no way to have headphones plugged in AND speakers still on...silly silly. However, I simply plugged in a cheap headphone amp I already owned ,to the preouts... Bit annoying though.