Cart shootout: NEAT Vertex V70 vs Ortofon MC-3 Turbo

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Sep 25, 2015
I've got a first pressing from 1972, the record I outlined earlier in this thread: 'A Gem Production' and no mainman credits. The guitar is as loud as the rest of the music which is why, when I heard Major's, I dug mine out I knew something didn't sound right or something didn't sound like how I remembered it.

Lost Angeles

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Apr 24, 2008
I’m a bit late picking this up but just had a listen through my DAC and system , there’s a marked difference between the two, A has more space between the instruments but B has a much richer sound and seemed louder,.
I dug my 1972 Gem productions copy out and as Jim says the guitar on the “hazy cosmic jive” section is much more prominent, also the drumming is more to the front.
Audacity is a great and cheap way to copy stuff.
Have to admit B didn't sound bad for a bent nail with a tip ground on it, presume it didn't slice the LP in two. Nice experiment.


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