Can I connect Portable to home audio?

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Mar 10, 2018
Hi everybody.My iPod/Pure i20 dock recently died, so I decided on a revamp of my system.
I am considering the Astell & Kern AK70 mkII, as I want the portability, but need to use it mainly as the centre of my home audio.

My amp is a humble TEAC AH01 which has three digital inputs, Co-ax, optical and USB type B.

My question: Is it possible to connect the A&K to the TEAC either directly, or through an amp/dac such as the Denon 10 EM

and if so, how do I do it!

Any advice very welcome.

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Oct 30, 2019
With your current Teac amplifier, I'd grab a mid-spec laptop and use that.

It's exactly what I've done, and my system is getting lots of use these days because of how easy it is:

- The laptop stays on all the time (electricity cost: about £20 per year, and it makes the house slightly warmer), with Spotify open
- Laptop HDMI out to the projector
- Laptop USB out to the HiFi
- Wireless keyboard & trackpad for control when needed

If I want music, I fire up any other device that's signed into Spotify, and use that to pick the tunes.
If I want a movie, it's a full desktop experience when I fire up the projector: I can stream via Netflix, YouTube, use a proper browser, or just pop a DVD in.
If someone else wants to put music on, they can pick from Spotify (I'll hand over the tablet/phone), or there's a spare 3.5mm connection, or you can put a pendrive/CD in the laptop.

I've seen other people battle with smart TVs, separate blu-ray players, trying to figure out how all the input switching should work, etc etc etc, and I want no truck with it.

This way is easy and simple and it works.

For portable use, a smartphone is fine IMO. I use an LG G7, and there's the option to fire up a built-in high-end DAC. Quite a few phones offer something similar.

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