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Calling Al ears...

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Sep 20, 2016
Al ears said:
Al ears said:
insider9 said:
DIB said:
Fair enough, missed that. Sorry.

No problem. Only put the ad out so it's easier for Al to contact me

It would be great if WhatHiFi could provide us with direct message facility.
I guess it's something to do with data protection.

I am away at work at the moment so will look at Gumtree tonight. I gathered you might be in that neck of the woods and yes, I am a few hours drive away. ;-)

I've emailed WHF with request to pass on my email address to you.
I looked on Gumtree but could find them. How do you have them listed exactly? Can anyone post a link possibly?

EDIT: Forget that, just found them and email sent.

P.S.. The fruit bowl looks nice,is it included? :)
Great, got your email and replied. The fruit bowl is my wife's area of expertise :)