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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I intend on designing a home theatre and had some questions. My configuration is as follows: 2 - 683 speakers 1 - B&W HTM-61 as centre channel 2 - 686 for surround 1 - Def. Tech. Supercube 1 bass unit 1 - Denon 3808 A/V receiver 1 - Playstation 3 1 - Panasonic AE2000 Full HD projector 1 - MacBook Pro or Mac Mini as music server Is there a way of having a small screen as a by-pass for the system, incase I don't want to roll down my screen when I want to play music from my server? (that is when I use front row on my mac or apple TV). The display should be identical on my screen and the by-pass display. Thanks for any help. Regards, Aditya


Yes you should be able to have a small, seperate small LCD display fed by your amp's component output, and still have your projector fed by your amp's HDMI output. I am pretty sure that the amp will be capable of outputting from both HDMI and component at the same time. In the unlikely event of this not being possible then you would have to buy an HDMI splitter and have it connected between your amp, projector and small display.


Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your reply.

I will surely try out what you have suggested.

I also intend on setting up a music server with my system. Would be able to guide me pint me in that direction. I intend on building something using my MacBook Pro.....I'm willing to use my MacBook Pro or an Apple TV or a mac mini at the HT console for this purpose. Kindly advise.


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