Building Hi Fi System!


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Aug 19, 2008
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I have Tannoy DC6T SE speaks. I have AV receiver but I realised I prefer music more then video!Room size is approx 30m2.Type of music I like: classical, jazz, rockIntention is to convert all audio files into Flac and use external HDD to play music. Maybe in future to use NAS drive... My intention was to buy Marantz UD7007 blu-ray player as source for my HDD. It's price in Singapore is aprox 500£. Compared to price in UK sounds like good deal for Hi Fi. I can't do demo of any amp with my Tannoy speakers so I have to rely on suggestion!HFC recommended Exposure 3010S2 amp as best in the group price of 1500£. I listened Exposure 3010s2 here in Singapore and I love it. But I have no idea about synergy between Exposure (or any other amp) and Tannoy. I don't need phono stage.So can you help me in building proper Hi Fi system?


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Feb 22, 2013
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i have the 5007 and I'm not disappointed with it, but I needed a universal player. For music only, it's worth auditioning it against the CD6004. On paper, it's difficult to judge whether the extra few hundred quid of the 7007 would add much to 2 channel performance. I'd expect there to be not much in it for music.

I guess you are considering the 7007 as Marantz no longer produce a dedicated cd player in the 7000 series? between the 6004 and PL (8004). Could look around for the older SA7003, saw a brand new unopened one go for £170 recently on eBay, an absolute bargain. That would have been in the £500-£600 bracket new, and should give better cd performance than the 7007.

The PL amp will be powerful enough to drive the speakers with ease though.