broken mission speaker terminal......????


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Mar 16, 2008
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Recently stepped on my cables whilst painting, broke one terminal off the back of my, (now getting on a bit), 734's. Snapped right off, just a couple mm's of bare metal poking out where it was......are most of these fittings a screw fit? Might I be able to unscrew it if i can grasp it with pliers etc, and fit a generic one in maybe?

Any advice appreciated.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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You mean a few mms of the usually screw-threaded bit sticking out? No usually this is part of a moulding that includes the terminal to the rear where the internal cable is soldered on. So trying to haul it out with pliers will only cause more damage. Your best bet would be a visit to a spares place such as Maplin and see if you can see anything similar, and fit a whole new terminal block

Or if you take the terminal block out, you may find the metal connector is held in place by a nut on a threaded post to the rear, in which case it may be possible to unbolt it and replace it with a part from Maplin or Keene or somewhere like that.

the record spot

By coincidence, I did precisely the same thing to my 733i floorstanders a few months back. I contacted Mission who sent one out the replacement terminal. It's dead easy and is as described in Andrew's second paragraph above.

Oh and cost? They provided it for free, gratis. And that's for speakers going back 10 years too. Nice one Mission!