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Question Brittle crackly sound on cd?,


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Aug 27, 2020
I am experiencing an intermittent crackly sound from right hand channel of my system which is Marantz cd 6006,Marantz PM66SE,K.I.Signature,Q.Acoustics 3020i ,with QED silver anniversary speaker cables,terminated in fisual bananas,interconnects are Van Damme (cant remember which,but they are top rated ones), this crackling has been evident on even new discs,I have taken the speker cable on the right hand channel apart and re-assembled twisting the exposed wire tighter an trimming off some single strand protrusion,and heightened up the bananas,and it SEEMS to be sorted,but I am concerned about voltage fluctuations and possibly spikes though,and have ordered a Belkin 6 way surge protected extension,(series E) which I'm hoping should be a safer option than the "poundland" type cheapo unit currently in place,can anybody suggest whether there are other things I could try,or whether the plans are sound?


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Nov 15, 2019
I'd have thought surges would be an unlikely cause but decent surge protection is never a bad thing. If it happens again, I'd try using a different input to eliminate the CD player (again I think unlikely).

Years ago I had a similar problem with an old Marantz amp. Turned out to be a dry solder joint. Fortunately I knew someone with soldering skills who fixed it.
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Nov 27, 2015
I am experiencing an intermittent crackly sound from right hand channel of my system which is Marantz cd 6006,Marantz PM66SE,K.I.Signature
I owned that very amplifier and briefly experienced the same symptom.
I suspect your crackling will be on any input source and also present on headphones.
The cause will (almost certainly) be contamination within the 'source/direct' switch.
(If crackling becomes continuous, press it a few times and see if the crackling clears).

The simple (and long-lasting) cure is to get some of this:
Disconnect amp from mains before removing the cover. Then give the internal contacts of all switches and rotary controls a blast using the directional tube supplied.
Note that the signal switches are the mini sealed types - but the dust got in to cause the trouble, so too the magic spray finds a way in to clear it.



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