boston a26 speakers. amp question.


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all,

After reading a lot reviews, I decided to buy a set of Boston a26 speakers. They are now powered by my old Sony str-ksl5 amp (in stereo mode; 2x 35 watt). Unfortunately I can't help but find the sound a bit boring and lacking in bass. If I turn the volume up it gets a little better though. How big a factor do you think the amp is in this scenario?

Alternatively I'm also looking at the Pioneer A-209R which I read very good things about. I can pick one up for only135 euro! But obvioudly I don't want to go there if it won't make much of a difference.

Any thoughs are well appreciated, thx,



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Hi Tom, and welcome.

It depends a bit on whether you can budget for more than your 135 euro or not. Someone here will probably recommend a Marantz PM6004 though when the magazine reviewed these two 5 star items as a system in January they only got 4 stars combined, so that may not be an ideal match.

We can be pretty sure your old Sony isn't doing the speakers justice. Did you hear the Bostons on a particular amp when you chose them? What does your dealer suggest? Are they firmly mounted on stands as that will influence the sound a lot?

I'm not familar with the Pioneer, though I have a hunch its balance might suit the Bostons, and it will be more effortless than your Sony. A couple of owners on amazon suggest the amp blew up after a year or so, though generally this brand is reliable.

Let's see what others suggest...


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May 7, 2010
My A26's sound really good with my Denon SE amp. Plenty of bass for the size of speaker. If you want more bass why not try floorstanders instead of small standmounts. You could always add a sub.


Thanks for the quick replies.

I am ok with spending a little bit more than the 135 for the pioneer, however I'm having a hard time finding something good below the EUR 450,- for the marantz which is really stretching my budget a bit too far.

Is it fair to assume that the pioneer is not going to be good enough? (i.e. significant step up from the sony)? I can't really find any comparison tests, though in general people seem to be happy with it. The MOS FET especially is supposed to be a good thing for such a low price. Doesn't say anyting to me :(...

It is btw the same thing as the Pioneer A-35R (us code name I think). Here are some detailed pictures: if that helps at all.

The advantage of buying a somewhat cheaper amp is that there 'll be some budget left for a DAC (currently optical connection from pc to sony). While on the subject, what would, in your opinion, be a descent DAC to match with this kind of equipment?

[EDIT] I think I'll go for the Behringer UCA202. Very well reviewed and currently on sale for only 24 (!!) euro. For detailed measurements see: [/EDIT]

Unfortunately I can't see or hear the amp before buying as I will be buying from a webshop. I think I'll just give it try, since it's really not that expensive... right?

Thanks again,




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