Bose Model 360 Receiver


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Mar 26, 2021


A receiver from the time when Bose® was still part of the same Hi-fi landscape as the rest. Altough, they seem to have had competing material once, this system with 1% harmonic distortion doesn't belong into that group.

The Direct / Reflecting™ label can either mean that this is a regular receiver with a marketing label or it is an odd receiver with a marketing label.

Bose stated that their Direct/Reflecting Music System had been carefully designed to:
“…work together as a unique high fidelity system. The careful design and ‘interaction’ of these components provides a level of performance normally associated with stereo systems costing several times the price of the Bose 360.

Given that every manufacturer has produced great- and average gear, I think the Bose marketing department was clearly twisting things around and became a mayor factor in why some people who had second thoughts about it. Even "if" a product would have been a piece of art, they knew how to sprinkle it with blabla in order to become instant kitsch.

If this system was what it was, it would have been reviewed as such. It probably never happened.

Apart from it all, stumbling upon regular equipment by Bose is a bit special. They have for sure outlived their overpriced Acoustimas products in terms of sustainability.
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