Blue Aura WS30i Active Monitors


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have been thinking about getting the AudioEngine A5+ speakers but feel they are a little too big for my desk. Has anyone any experience of the Blue Aura WS30i Active Monitors? I think they are fairly new and there are not many reviews yet. They seem like an improved A2 but usefully smaller than an A5+.


I have heard the Blue Aura WS30i Active Monitors. Sound quality is pretty good. A lot better than you would expect from the size. I think if you want to go with Blue Aura, having the option to turn your desktop speakers to a home audio network is a pretty cool feature. If down the road, you wanted to get more Blue Aura products, you'd be able to listen to your music in other areas of your home wirelessly. Hope this helps.


The local shop here in Zürich is very nice and I had a chance to test the A2 with the W30i side by side for about an hour. Coincidentally, there was also a pair of A5 there, which I could use as the reference

Generally, the W30i is a little bit bigger than the A2, which could be a factor for some desktop users. They are both solid built, well made, stylish. Gold plated connections on both.

A2 Pros:

- better performance in higher volume

- better bass

- compacter

- Kelvar cone

- richer/fuller sound

A2 Cons:

- mids a little bit bungled/stiffled

- very directional (must point them directly go get good mids/highs)

W30i Pros:

- Remote control

- Wireless capability (need extra accessories)

- clear mids and highs

- nice stands included

W30i Cons:

- (very) weak bass

- not so good at higher volume

- slightly bigger (for me a con)


I picked up the A2.

I say they are both worthy choices and good value for $$$, but A2 suits my taste better. And a quick adjustment on the equaliser on iTunes made the A2's mids&highs sound just as good as the W30i
I am sure that someone would have been just as happy with the W30i.


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