Blu-ray SACD?


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Nov 1, 2008
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Hi just a quick question.
Are Sony the only Blu-ray manufacturer that includes SACD on their Blu-ray players? Or does Panasonic Samsung and LG have model's that include SACD?
I’ve reached a similar conclusion to Al recently. I’m pretty sure I read that Samsung apparently stopped making physical players in the last year or so. The lack of stock of players in large outlets like John Lewis and Richer Sounds suggests that streaming has pretty much destroyed the market for playing discs at home.

All that said, while I await the delivery of our first 4K TV I’m curious to try a 4K player, albeit I don’t think I’ll be spending more than £250 or so as we don’t have a full AV system. Sony at least are true to the SACD format they helped invent.
It's fantastic, though quality varies from film to film. Some are like you are seeing them for the first time, others (particularly older films) can be just a little underwhelming or inconsistent. HDR often adds as much to viewing pleasure as the higher resolution.
That’s sounds like good advice. With music, I tend to like formats of the era, so if I want Frank Sinatra, an LP is fine. But if I want Daft Punk, then I’d choose a download. Much the same with films - I don’t suppose Brief Encounter needs 4K!
It's worth reading review of the discs* - I haven't got It's a Wonderful Life but I did see a snippet on someone else's setup and it looked great. Alien looks fantastic, Shawshank is understated but in many ways the most impressive I've seen. The Sting doesn't really gain a great deal over blu ray beyond HDR, and that's not apparent in too many scenes. Grease varies from looking utterly fresh to looking no better than DVD, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has plenty of detail but too much grain.

*When I buy from Amazon, I try to add a review of the 4k transfer, not the film.


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