Blu-ray player that plays DVD-Audio and SACD

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bigboss said:
Upgrading your AV receiver for future proofing is not a bad idea. This will also enable you to look at blu ray players without analogue outs, like the Pioneer you mentioned.

The AV receiver would have to take DSD over HDMI for SACD outputs. The Pioneer BDP-440 can transmit DSD and the Onkyo TX-NR609 can receive (something which the Sony STR-DH820 can't do - rather annoying seeing as Sony helped invent SACD in the first place) so that's not looking like a bad combination at the moment.

If anyone else knows of any good receivers which can receive DSD over HDMI, be good to know.


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Jan 7, 2009
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I was in a similar quandary. Having an Arcam AVR350 and Arcam DV139 which have - and continue to - provide exemplary service for DVD, DVD-A and SACD, I could see no merit in an expensive upgrade of all components which may, or may not, provide a better experience.

Why not get a 2nd hand ‘quality’ blu-ray that decodes the HD sound formats on board (I purchased a Sony BDP S5000se for £300) and link both players to the multichannel inputs by using 3 RCA switch boxes? I used this: used with a cheapish range of RCA interconnects (more expensive cable options are available!) It does add to the cable snake pit, but after a bit of trimming of the speaker settings I have been really pleased with the solution. I’m sure an eventual upgrade will happen when the Arcam gear gives up, but given the issues with many new products, I’m happy to stick with something that works and is proven in the context in which I’m using it.

Just a thought.


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Jun 21, 2009
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I had a Arcam AVR350 that I added a Cambridge Audio BD650 to and used the analogue connections and ran into terrible lip-sync troubles when playing blu-rays. I eventually sold the lot and bought a Marantz UD5005 and SR6005 that I am more than happy with.


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