Blu Ray / multi-channel audio ?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi guy's, i'm looking to purchase a new blu ray player that is going to be a noticeable step up from my old PS3, no longer into games so picture quality and enhanced audio is important. I am considering Sony 360, Panny80 or the Pioneer 51fd [only issue with pioneer is disc loading times]. I realise these will all be a step up in picture quality, but for some reason i'm finding myself hung up over audio issues. As my current receiver has no HDMI inputs, would my new blu ray purchase offer me any more in terms of audio, ie multi-channel audio out over digital coax or optical out, at least until i can upgrade my receiver.

Which brings me to my next question, does both my new blu ray purchase and potential new receiver have to be able to decode HD audio formats or just one of them, does it matter which ?. I'm told the receiver should deal with audio decoding.

Many thanx from a frustrated newbie.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
You only need your player OR receiver to decode HD audio - typically, the receiver's decoding will be superior, but it depends on the price/quality of the kit involved.

As your receiver has neither HDMI inputs nor the ability to decode HD audio, you'll need your Blu-ray player to do it and output it via multichannel analogue connections into your AV amp. Optical and co-ax connections won't deliver you the higher-quality audio - only the downmixed Dolby/DTS 'core' soundtrack.

Therefore, you need a BD player with those outputs, plus a set of suitable cables. Looking at the money you're planning to spend, i'd suggest the Panasonic BD80 - there are some great deals around on this slick, accomplished player, which will give you a noticeable step up in picture and sound quality over the PS3.


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Jul 27, 2007
Second what Clare says about the BD80 - I'm a very happy owner of one, and using multichannel analogue into your HDMI-less receiver will give you great quality audio. Oh, and the picture's not too shabby either



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