beyerdynamic mmx101ie or dtx101ie


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Aug 10, 2019
Morning chaps
I've just purchased a Sony a865 and am now looking for some decent in ears.
After consulting this fine magazine i thought i would look at the award winners for this year, the beyerdynamic dtx 101ie and the mmx101ie.
The beyerdynamic website says that the two are the same with the mmx101ie having the Mic but the magazine says the mmx101ie sounds better
Im just wondering in what way and if anybody knows how as the beyer tech sheets don't give any construction differences.
Thanks for any help
p..s if anybody has some other suggestions for in ears to match the Sony ill be all ears boom boom!!


I've just had an email back from beyerdynamic saying that both the drivers on models are exactly the same construction wise.
Im now wondering why what hifi say the mmx sounds better? And if the dtx should be awarded best in ear in the £40-140 range instead of £40-80??


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Mar 7, 2008
Hi, I own the DTX101ie and of all the earbuds I have used I think they are the best. However,as the left ear bud has separated from it's case ( a not too uncommon occurence apprently), I decided to buy the next step up- the MMX101ie, only to find it's now discontinued.

Looking on Beyerdynamic's website I see the latest version-MMX102ie is available. Can anybody tell me where to buy them, as the only company it has on it's site for the UK is Polaraudio, West Sussex, and they don't stock it.


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