Best sounding bookshelf speakers for Yamaha RX V675


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Dec 20, 2014

I'm new to this forum so not sure if there is another post thats asking the same question?! I would like to know if anyone out there could give me some good advice on which bookshelf speakers would serve me best as Front speakers in a 5.1 home cinema set up with a Yamaha RX V675 AV receiver?

At the moment I have looked at reviews on

1)QAcoustics 2020i

2) Boston A26

3) Monitor Bronze BX2

4) Dali Zensor 1

Im looking for a bright punchy sound that can reproduce clear mid range for vocals more than anything (nothing worse than watching a film with muffled vocals from actors!) Bass also important but have a separate sub for that...

I guess I would be looking to have good all round sound in case using just the 2 front speakers in "Pure Direct" mode with the Yamaha, suitable for eclectic types of music.

Its swings and roundabouts with speakers really, I'd need to go to a showroom and listen to them set up with the RX V675 but if anyone has the same amp I'd really appreciate any feedback or ideas.

Many thanks in advance for any help,




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