best soundcard to use


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Jan 5, 2010
hi all

i have just bought new components to build a pc

i770k cpu

asus prime z270a motherboard

corsair vengrance 32gb ddr4 3466 memory

corsair h100i v2 liquid cooler

samsung 960 evo 1tb ssd

wd blue 6tb

evga geforce gtx 1080ti founders edition graphics card

windows 10 usb flashdrive

pioneer bdr j11sk writer

lg bh16ns55 writer

silverstone primera rgb case

logitech g900 mouse

corsair k70 rgb rapidfire keyboard

my question is i am after buying a soundcard that will playback ultra hd and bluray films and pc audio i want to somehow connect it to a marantz 7010 amp and a emotiva xpa3 amp gen 3 amp and using rbh impressions speakers a 11.4 hometheatre speaker package and a oppo 205 4k player i will be connecting the fronts and centre to the emotiva and the rest to the marants 7010 i want to be able to playback ultra hd and blu ray and pc audio sounds from my pc through my rbh impressions speaker package full 11.4 without losing any audio efect with the soundcard you all reccommend

also what high quality cables do i need to connect all the components listed to get this fully up and running also how do i connect it also how do i set it up through the amp and soundcard using the very latest power dvd and using my writers to playback ultra hd and blu ray thanks


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Oct 14, 2007
This is a decent some would say 'very decent entry level mobo' but I'd doubt VERY MUCH that you would need to add any soundcard.

Loads of folks online say that soundcards are a myth, you should go read about pros and cons of soundcards ?


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Mar 3, 2010
Alantiggger said:
Loads of folks online say that soundcards are a myth
Nah they definitely exist, without them a PC just goes beep.

Apologies I can't help OP with his question, I don't really have any experience of multichannel PC sound cards.