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Question Best smallish TV for cable cutters?


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Oct 6, 2007

I’m looking to buy a new tv, but am getting a bit lost in what’s on offer. My primary aim is to get a smallish (by modern standards) tv that enables me too loose as many cables and additional boxes as possible.

My main wish list is:
  • No bigger than 40”
  • Ability to record from EPG to HDD so I can ditch the Freeview box.
  • Alexa voice control.
  • AppleTV app / Airplay would be ideal so I could lose the AppleTV box too, and still access my content purchased via iTunes, but I’m already thinking this isn’t possible along with the other requirements.
  • Picture quality – oddly – isn’t that big a deal for me, the most important thing is cutting cables and user experience / ease of use.
  • Netflix and YouTube apps would be good, as well as BBCiPlayer, but again, if I have to stick with the AppleTV as my one additional box, I can get these via that route.

The closest thing I can find is the Panasonic 40 GX800, which does most of the above apart from the Apple compatibility, but there appear to be some concerns over how committed Panasonic are to continuous development of things like Alexa support, and I heard they were ditching their own Homescreen OS too, so I wonder if this unit will age very quickly and extremely badly.

I am half inclined to hang on and see if any of the major manufacturers release something interesting in the 32-40” size range in the next few months, but I don’t really know anything about tv release cycles, and it seems like maybe they drop their flagship larger sets earlier in the year – following on from CES – and leave the small fry until the autumn. Does anyone know anything about this side of things?

Any thoughts welcome.




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